All projects have been developed at the request of the Macmillan Nurses and Palliative Care Teams across the country. There are a variety of different items to choose from. Instructions for each project are available under the downloads tab. Before starting with any project please email to find out what is needed in your particular area. 😊


Machine Sewn – These a fabric bags usually made from cotton to allow washing at 60 degrees. They are designed to carry a syringe driver therefore allowing a patient to be more mobile.

A syringe driver is used to administer a continuous dosage of medication and is attached to the patient subcutaneously. Therefore they cannot put it down. It is approximately the size of a pencil case. It is most often used for anti nauseous drugs with chemotherapy and in pain relief with palliative care patients. It may also occasionally be used in other areas such as with treatment of diabetes.

The instructions for syringe drivers can also be used to make bags for patients to carry drainage bottles, most frequently following mastectomies.

There are instructions for syringe driver bags, a template and further information available to download under the download tab.


Machine sewn – These are fabric bags used to put patient’s personal effects after they have died. They were made following  requests from various hospitals and hospices to replace the plastic bin bags that they were using.

Due to the nature of these bags they do not have to be a specific size. They are essentially a shopping bag and can be made from whatever material is available. Frequently we use off cuts from curtain samples books or end of roll fabric donated from curtain shops. Rather than putting labels on these bags we sew a little heart onto it.

Instructions for Personal Effects Bags are available to download on our download tab.


Machine sewn – These bags were made following a request from the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool to give to people who get an urgent call to attend hospital to be with their loved ones. They contain items such as a comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues etc. Contents may vary but the idea is to provide people with the things they need during this difficult time.

The bags themselves tend to be about A4 and can be made up from most fabrics. They also fasten using elastic and two buttons.

Instructions for Comfort Pack Bags are available to download from our download tab.

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