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Photos from Making for charity's post

Under the tree, ( but for one night only!) we had 50 syringe driver bags, 26 ring pouches, 10 personal effects bags and a ‘partridge’ ( poetic..

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Sewing Services Volunteer

Hi all, This year we have supported Crisis UK by donating two sewing machines for their wellbeing and sewing project. The two machines were originally..

17 likes, 6 comments1 month ago

Hi everyone, Thank you all so much for the huge response I’ve had. We are currently at a reach of almost 6,000!! Please bear with me as I answer..

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Making for charity

If anyone local to me in Liverpool wants to help or get involved with making bags for the Royal then I can get you started with the project…

6 likes, 2 comments1 month ago

Good evening! We need some help to make and donate some syringe driver bags. I have had a some recent requests from the palliative care team..

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